Home-quality meals on autopilot

Eatch Robotic Kitchen Technology™ provides the world's most efficient and flexible way to cook high quality, individually-cooked meals for production kitchens.

We think every meal should be a good meal

→ For decades mass produced meals are infamous for their blandness, overcooked vegetables, preservatives, and lack of nutrients. If you ever had a meal in a hospital, school or airplane or even microwaved a meal at home, you know what we are talking about.

→ What if there was a way to cook meals that are just as tasty, crispy fresh and nutritious as homecooked meals but at mass produced prices?

→ With the Eatch Robotic Kitchen Platform you can. We revolutionize central production kitchens to cook fresh, tailor-made individually-cooked meals at scale in a more efficient, sustainable, and flexible way.

Robotic Kitchen Platform for central production kitchens:




Travel & leisure


Fast casual

Benefits of the Eatch Robotic Kitchen Platform™

→ Our platform uses robotics and smart software to unlock better quality, nutritious and tailor-made meals. Made in a more efficient, flexible, and sustainable way.

Scaling up individualized, homestyle cooking without losing quality. Each meal is perfectly cooked in its own pot every single time, monitored by over a 100 sensors.
Fully customized meals at mass produced prices. Made possible by our flexible robotics and smart Meal Creator™ software.
Save as much as 90% on labor compared to other fresh, high quality meals by automating the boring, repetitive work. And combat the modern labor shortage crisis.
Reduce food waste by up to 70% by minimizing overproduction and using seasonal & surplus ingredients. Made possible by flexible robotics and data-driven software.
Flexible, cost-efficent, data-driven small batch technology makes it possible to use local, just-in-time production, which maximizes freshness and minimizes waste.
Our fully electric kitchen reduces energy usage with as much as 50%, and retains 50% more vitamine C. Made possible by our induction pan-frying technology.

Choose between two options

→ You can buy and operate the kitchen on your own, or we can do it for you. Whatever suits you best. We are here for you.

Why Eatch

We want to make good and healthy food accessible for everyone. With our kitchen we make it possible to cook without compromise, keeping meals affordable.

About us

Our robotic kitchen

Invented to help you scale high quality meal production. Our software and hardware make it possible for anyone to cook chef-like meals at scale.

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