Privacy Policy

Last update: 7 Nov 2022

Eatch takes your privacy seriously, and will process and use information about you carefully. In this document we explain how we handle your data. If you have any questions, you can always contact our customer service:

What is personal data?

Personal data is information that says something about you. For example, the Eatch app uses your name, address, and phone number to deliver meals. Payment details are also processed, so you can order and pay for the meals.

Technical information about how you use the Eatch app or website is also personal data. For example, we analyse how our customers use the app, so that we can improve it.

How does Eatch process my personal data?

To start: to protect your privacy, Eatch adheres to European privacy laws, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). It prescribes rules that Eatch must adhere to. For example, that in some cases, we may be obliged to share your data with the Ministry of Justice.

Sometimes we have to ask for your permission. For example, we may only email you about promotions of our meals, if you have given consent to receive marketing email from us. You can always withdraw your consent.

For personal data for which Eatch has a legitimate interest, we do not need to request permission. But you have the right to object to our legitimate interest.

If you want to remove all personal data from our systems and those of our partners, you can email us to cancel your account. Your data will then be removed or anonymized as soon as possible. We are obliged to apply a minimum retention period for some data. An example being financial data, such as payments. This data will only be deleted when the retention period has expired. For technical reasons, some data may still be available for a while (maximum six months) in backups and log files on our systems.

What personal data does Eatch use and for what purpose?

The Eatch app uses the following personal data:

  • Your payment details are processed when you pay for orders. Our systems and those of our Payment Service Provider store your IBAN when you pay.
  • We use your email address to verify your Eatch account. We send account and login details to the email address you used to create your account.
  • We use your name, address, and phone number to deliver meals. Delivery is carried out by partners, we therefore share this data with them. They only use this data for the delivery of our meals.
  • We use your email address and/or phone number to contact you if something goes wrong.
  • We store your orders for your and our administration, and will also send this information to you by email.
  • We store technical data about how you use our systems. For example, we register your IP address, the operating system you use (for example iOS, Android, or Windows), and which browser or telephone you use. With this information we can help you if Eatch is not working properly for you. This data also helps us to improve the user experience of the app and website. Finally, this data helps us to prevent abuse.
  • Did you, in the cookie settings, allow Eatch to use cookies and similar techniques for social media and cookies for targeted advertising? Then we use such cookies, IP addresses and/or MAC addresses for advertising purposes. We may then show you personalized ads from Eatch on the Eatch website, within the app and on third-party platforms.
  • Eatch uses analytical tools to measure the use of the app and website. For example, we analyse whether functions are used infrequently, and how user-friendly they are. This allows us to improve the website and app. We process this data anonymously, it cannot be traced back to individuals.

Other parties using your personal data

There are situations in which we need to share your personal data with partners, that are involved in the provision of our services. You can read more about them below. Of course Eatch remains responsible for your personal data, even if we need to share it with partners.

Our service providers

We work with other companies that help us provide services to you, for example to deliver meals to your doorstep. We are not allowed to disclose your personal data without good reason. There are legal rules we have to comply with. We make clear arrangements with these companies on how they handle your personal data.

Public authorities

In some cases, we may be required by law to share your information with third parties. For example with the Public Prosecution Service and other government agencies.

Eatch Partners

Social Media

Our customer service uses social media to help clients. We may also use social media for advertising purposes. In such situations, we may store information that includes (personal) data. This will always happen in accordance with our privacy policy.

Payment Service Provider

For the payment functions in our app we use a Payment Service Provider: Buckaroo. This party must meet strict legal requirements, both for guaranteeing your privacy, and for detecting fraud. Data of your payments is therefore recorded by them.

Delivery Services

We use partner companies to deliver the meals you order with us. Above we have explained what data we share with these parties, and how they use that data. In Amsterdam, TringTring is our delivery partner.

Technical Partners

We use third-party services for our services. For example, our software runs in the cloud on servers that are managed by other companies. For sending emails and push messages we also rely on the services of partner companies. We have agreements with these partners about how they handle your data, so that your privacy is guaranteed in accordance with this privacy policy.

The technical partners we are currently working with:

  • Google Cloud Services for our servers, databases, logging, and network administration
  • Firebase Analytics for analysing app and website usage
  • Firebase for sending push-messages, authentication of users, and detection of the stability of our app
  • SendGrid for sending transactional email, such as email to confirm your order, and email to send you a verification for login. Transactional email may be sent from servers outside the EU.
  • Mailchimp for sending marketing email, and processing registration for marketing email. You will only receive marketing email from Eatch if you have explicitly registered for it via our website. Registering for and sending marketing email may take place on servers outside the EU. The marketing emails always contain an unsubscribe link, so you can stop receiving marketing email, and delete your registration details.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

Eatch will continue to develop and optimise its services. This Privacy Policy may therefore be amended from time to time. In the app you will always see the latest version of the privacy policy. We will inform you about bigger changes by email, if you have an account with us.

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