Making good, healthy food accessible for everyone through technology

Eating healthy is hard

→ It is super hard to eat fresh, healthy, sustainable food. Especially when you're on a budget. That is why we started Eatch in 2018.

→ We believe that it should be easy, affordable, and tasty to eat a healthy meal each day without any compromise.

→ And our robotic kitchen makes it possible.

Good healthy food for all

→ If you ever had a meal in a hospital, school or airplane, you know those meals are not good. They are often overcooked and thus lacking the nutritional values that you need.

We solved this with technology

→ Our robotic kitchen allows us to cook how you would cook at home. Every meal in a separate pot. This means better taste, texture, and vitamin retention. So you get an overall better meal.

→ The Eatch Robotic Kitchen just cooks better than other mass production kitchens. And because the whole cooking process is automated we can cut labor cost at the same time. That allows us to spend more money on quality ingredients.

→ That is how we make good, healthy food accessible for everyone.

We are hiring

→ At Eatch we want to revolutionize the way we eat. We believe that food should be healthy, affordable, and delicious. In order to make this possible we developed an automated kitchen. We are currently bringing this invention to the world and we are looking for people to join us on this exciting journey.

→ If you want to join Eatch on a mission to make good, healthy food accessible for everyone check out the current job openings.

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