Eatch Robotic Kitchen Platform

Home-quality cooking on autopilot. From fresh ingredients to a delicious dish. With up to 90% less labor.

One platform to revolutionize your cooking operations

→ The Eatch Operating Software has everything you need to produce high quality, individually-cooked meals at scale. From ingredient sourcing to your final dish.

up to 90% Less labor costs
Mass customization batch size 1
up to 20% Less ingredient costs
Flexible & local Throughput speed 10x
Perfect consistency 100+ sensors

Tailor made to your needs

→ We don't believe in one-size-fits-all. Our modular approach delivers a custom solution for your business.


Wether you produce 500 or 50.000 meals per day. The robotic kitchen can adapt to your needs.

Packaging types

Single portion meals, bulk packaging, or something in between. You can choose the size.


Keep your meals heated for hot delivery, blast chill them, or even freeze them. We have modules for everything.

Automation level

Depending on the dish we automate 70-95% of the labor for every meal.

Additional dispensers

We can add or remove dispensers depending on your business needs.

Packaging module

A lid or seal, standard or custom labels on individual meals. It's possible with our packaging line.

One platform to automate your cooking operations

→ The Eatch Robotic Kitchen Platform uses flexible robotics and smart software to automate the entire value chain of fresh meal preparation.

The Software is the chef

Inventory Management

Realtime updates on your inventory, so you have less waste.

One-click ordering

Easy ordering module that can be integrated with suppliers to save time.

Ingredient tracebility

Track the ingredients in every meal, and where they came from.


Connect our portal to your accounting software with ease.

Meal Creator™

Design a perfect meal

You can adjust meals on an individual basis in mind blowing precision.

Swap ingredients

You can change each recipe depending on seasonality, or the needs of your clients.

Grip on costprice

Calculate your realtime ingredient and production costs during meal development.

Balance your meals

Get an instant overview of the nutritional values of every meal you design.

Quality & Processes

We will help you set up the quality assurance and processes to operate the kitchen according to health and safety regulations.

Layout & Design

We will help you to set up and organize your production location for an efficient workflow.

Meal engineering

Our team of meal developers will make recipes for you, or help you optimize your current offerings.

Get in touch

We love to talk to you about Eatch, and how it can help your business. Tell us a bit about your business needs and we'll get in touch with a custom offer.

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